Amber Fallon



Exclusive Interview with J.F. Gonzalez

As part of my great big eyes closed, all out plunge into the murky depths of the world of horror, I’ve been doing some networking, talking to fans of the genre as well ⦗…⦘


Symbiosis – Short Story (Written when I was approx. 14)

Please read this with a grain of salt… or 7. It’s completely unedited and was written when I was a tender young zombling. She sat, her hands neatly folded in her lap, on ⦗…⦘


Blind – Short Story

You are startled awake suddenly from a deep sleep. There is a loud crash from outside. You hear Mary groaning, groggily prying herself from sleep in the other room. There is another crash ⦗…⦘


So I have a blog now…

I’ve given this some thought… after it was suggested that I start a blog, my immediate reaction was “What? Let complete random unidentifiable strangers on the internet read my writing, form opinions of ⦗…⦘