Amber Fallon




It’s been 10 days since my initial post about my experiences with Undead Press. Other authors such as Mandy DeGeit and Lincoln Crisler shared their experiences as well, with Mandy’s post going viral and ⦗…⦘


Suffering in Silence

A few months back, I wrote a two part short zombie-esque story entitled “Rejuvenation/Rejuvenated”. I liked the story from the moment I got the idea. I thought it would be cool to show ⦗…⦘


Review: The Neighborhood by Kelli Owen

The Neighborhood by Kelli Owen 105 Pages Release Date: 9/2/2011 Official Launch at Horrorfind Weekend Available from Thunderstorm Books     What can I say about Kelli Owen? She’s a short, spunky thriller/horror ⦗…⦘


Seasons: In response to Brian Keene

Yesterday I read Brian Keene’s latest blog post entitled The Apathy Of Autumn. As many of you know, Mr. Keene has been one of my idols for several years now. This post of his ⦗…⦘