Brian Effing Keene Needs Us!

Over the years, Brian Keene has gone from favorite author/idol to mentor, to friend for me. Throughout my acquaintance with him, he’s been supportive, encouraging, and all around awesome. He was there when some schmuck who thought he was an editor modified my work without permission. He was there for me when I needed surgery. He gave me my first big break in this industry.

But even if it weren’t for all that… even if I didn’t know first hand how caring he is, despite his gruff exterior. Even if I didn’t know what a wonderful father and friend he is, even if none of that stuff I mentioned above had ever happened, I would still be making this plea to all of you.

Brian Keene is a human being, and he needs help. That’s really the bottom line. He can’t afford health insurance, and he suffered a terrible accident. He has severe burns and had to spend time in the burn ward as a result. That is EXPENSIVE. For someone WITH health insurance, it would be expensive. For someone without it, it’s catastrophic. Even ignoring the loss of his ability to work and the mental and emotional toll, he needs financial assistance to cover the staggering medical bills he’s going to be faced with. We’re talking probably upwards of a quarter of a million dollars here. That’s life altering debt.

If you are in a position to help financially, please, please consider doing so. Even if it’s just a buck or two, it adds up.


If you can’t contribute, please help spread the word. Share the link to his GoFundMe on social media. Tell anyone and everyone you can.


Let’s get together and help out!


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