It’s very sad, that this and the preceding post are all about death and loss and the pain of missing someone, but sometimes that’s the way things go.

This has been a tragic span of days for the Horror Community. On March 13th, the world lost David B. Silva, of Hellnotes and The Horror Show fame. Mr. Silva was immensely talented and a longstanding pillar of the horror community. He will be sorely missed.

Only a short week later on March 20th, James Herbert, writer of The Fog and The Rats among others, passed away as well. Mr. Herbert was also a brilliant writer, one whose vision, talent, and proliferation won him many awards, including World Horror Convention Grand Master in 2010. Mr. Herbert will be greatly missed as well.

Only a day after that, we lost the amazing Rick Hautala. The incredibly gifted Mr. Huatala passed away on March 21st. Mr. Huatala’s works are numerous, and I haven’t read nearly all of them, but his novels Twilight Time, Dead Voices, and The Mountain King are among my favorites and his short story, Knocking, featured in the anthology 999 made my flesh crawl in the very best way. By all accounts, Mr. Huatala was a wonderful man, friend, writer, and husband. He as well will be deeply missed.

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