Last night I took a drive. It was different than most other drives in that one passenger didn’t make the return trip with us.

It wasn’t a long drive, but it somehow managed to feel both like an eternity and a millisecond. I guess some things are like that.

As I manuevered the vehicle, I recited the periodic table in my head. Sort of the emotional equivalent of “thinking about baseball”.

Hydrogen, helium, lithium…

I won’t cry. I have to be strong. He’s hurting and I have to be strong for him.

Beryllium… Boron… Carbon…

We will get through this. It’s for the best.

Nitrogen… Oxygen…

I will miss her so much.


Last night, I said my final farewell to a friend. I hadn’t known her very long, only about a year and a half, but she had a way about her of making people love her instantly. Anyone who met her fell in love, it was just the way she was. She was sweet and affectionate, warm, and playful. Her name was Lady and she was a beautiful white and brown pitbull/greyhound mix. She was always happy to see me, wagging her tail and coming to greet me when I got home, even if I was just returning from a 15 minute run to the grocery store, even towards the end, when getting up was hard for her and walking wasn’t much easier. She cuddled beside me and shared the warmth of my laptop on the days I worked from home. She shared meals, a home, and a bed… she shared my heart.

Rest well, darling girl.
You are missed more than words can say.

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