Gotham-more Girls! Overdue flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig

So back in February, Chuck Wendig had a pop culture flash fiction challenge on his blog. Apparently, I completed an entry and it somehow wound up in my slush folder, ignored until I was cleaning out said folder. I found the entry and, rather than letting it go to waste, I decided to post it here for all of you to enjoy!

I proudly present a mashup between Batman and Gilmore Girls as created by a hilariously lucky random dice roll: Gotham-more Girls!

“Did you get enchiladas?” Lorelei asked, digging into the bag Rory brought home from Al’s Pancake World, a Star’s Hollow staple.

“Nope.” Rory replied, dumping some Kraft marshmallows into a mixing bowl that already contained honey roasted peanuts, M&Ms, Twizzlers and Oreo cookies, “It was Indian night at Al’s. You want the Saag Paneer or the Butter Chicken?” Lorelei frowned, flopping onto the couch and leaving the greasy, odd smelling take out bag where it was.

“Why don’t we ever order pizza on movie night anymore?” she asked, “Do we never learn from our past mistakes?”

“Sadly, we are doomed to repeat them.” Rory sat down next to her mother, grabbed the remote, and stuck a Twizzler capped with marshmallows into her mouth.

The screen flickered to life, an image of a pretty blonde newscaster spoke mutely for a second before the sound kicked in,

“…the Caped Crusader managed to thwart the attempted robbery.”

“Boring!” Lorelei grabbed for the remote, but Rory held it out of her reach.

“Hey, I want to watch this!” she chirped.

“Ok, Jimmy Olsen. Since when do you care about the Batman?”

“Since he’s news! And anyway, Jimmy Olsen is Superman.”

Rory turned up the volume as an image of Batman overtook the screen. His cape swept back from his shoulders as he pursued a masked criminal over rooftops, finally apprehending him beneath the spotlights of police helicopters. The perpetrator dangled from Batman’s outstretched arm, attired in an incredibly cliched outfit: A black ski mask, black sweater, and black pants.

“Geez, who does that guy’s wardrobe, Fairuza Balk?”

“Nothing wrong with a classic ensemble.” Rory retorted, “Black does go with everything.”

“Even that set of fancy bracelets, apparently.” Lorelei quipped as the police arrived on the scene to make the arrest, cuffing their prisoner and leading him away.

The newscaster reappeared on screen and began discussing Batman’s latest capers.

“Seriously,” Lorelei made a face as she chewed a handful of slightly stale marshmallows, “David Bowie is waiting, and that man does NOT seem like the patient type.”

Rory rolled her eyes. “We can watch Labyrinth any time! This is news!”

“This is movie night. Hit the record button on the DVR and watch it on your own time!” Lorelei argued, folding her arms and pouting.

“If I do that, it will, by definition, no longer be news by the time I watch it.” Rory dug into a somewhat questionable looking pile of Saag Paneer in a styrofoam takeout container, grimaced, and closed the lid.

“Is it too late to order pizza?” she asked, reaching for the phone.

“It’s never too late for pizza!”

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